Destination Nowhere 迷 TVB Theme Songs Review

Hello! We hope you've been doing well! Today we are going to introduce Destination Nowhere's new theme song sung by Fred Cheng. 

We are enjoying this song and we definitely got an unsettling vibe from it, which we think is intended, since the drama seems to be mysterious and the title means "maze/lost", so it is probably going to be confusing? Fred's voice displays great emotion and there is a tone of gloominess and sorrow to the song, unlike his usual rock songs. We think Fred can do a wide range of songs, from heartwarming family themes to ones like this. Lyrics wise, it is fitting for the drama but once again if you are just listening to it on a daily basis, then we would say it's weird like a bunch of TVB theme songs. 

This song is quite standard for TVB theme songs these days so we aren't too "wow"ed. There hasn't been one for a while and it looks like they're changing things up with HANA under their company. Hope to see a new theme song sung by her to see how she is. Her singing is standard again for cantopop these days from her old songs under the old company. Fred and Hubert are still our favourite singers from Voice Ent. 

We have not seen this drama yet but are planning to since we are still behind on Burning Hands and Tiger Mom Blues. As this is Kevin's "last" drama with TVB and he is playing a smaller man compared to the strong character of Kristal's we are definitely interested in what he can pull off. Hopefully we can see it soon and share some of our thoughts with all of you.

鄭俊弘 Fred - 迷 (劇集 "迷" 主題曲) Official Lyrics Video

編:Johnny Yim 
監:何哲圖/Johnny Yim 

人前扮作冷靜 困擾的思緒沒法安寧
誰人害怕固定 貪心時才會拼命
遠處的 未看清 全無後悔一開始 別暫停
夢太好 愛太深 何必急切清醒

灰色漸變得漆黑 自私的想法 和無窮的誘惑
我所有完全盡押 真相如何抹殺 無從回頭那抉擇
當天遇上的一刻 時間定格 沒法能遺忘的對白
看子彈錯發 心意被糟蹋

臨危亦會鎮定 污漬原來已潔淨
你的心 漸結冰 何時幻變的風景 會暫停
我記得 我本應 是天空最閃的 那顆星

灰色漸變得漆黑 自私的想法 和無窮的誘惑
我所有完全盡押 真相如何抹殺 無從回頭那抉擇
當天遇上的一刻 時間定格 沒法能遺忘的對白
看子彈錯發 心意被糟蹋

沒法可解釋充滿荒謬 命運是一個詛咒

灰色漸變得漆黑 幸福的資格 從何時給踐踏
所有全盤抵押 錯對如何扼殺 無從回頭的選擇
當天放手的一刻 矛盾自責 沒法能同行的對立
太多的磨擦 心意被揣測
轉身的一剎 問題還是未答

Let us know if you are going to see this drama! Until next time!

-Cee and Jay


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