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We hope you all are ready for summer! Today we are introducing a poll for our blog regarding which CeeJay Pick of the Month songs you guys have enjoyed the most.  It's been a year since we first started these posts and we have been posting new HK or Chinese song releases each month. We want to have some feedback so we have an idea of what songs to consider featuring next time. This poll will be up until August 31st so make sure you head to the sidebar of our blog and select the songs you like! If you want to hear or re-listen to the songs, go to the "Labels" section on the sidebar and click on the "Pick of the Month" label to view all our CeeJay Pick of the Month Posts which include the youtube videos of the featured songs.

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Tuesday, 30 May 2017

CeeJay's Pick of the Month (May) - 鄭世豪 Hoffman Cheng - 逐格回味


Our last post for this month will be the Pick of the Month. This time we picked Hoffman Cheng's new song that came out a couple days ago. We've liked him since The Voice because of his powerful voice and stable vocals. He didn't have much musical development with The Voice Entertainment so now he's with Star Entertainment and seems to be getting more singles out. His hit song last year won a couple awards and he's back again with 逐格回味.

The MV was filmed in Tokyo which is a nice switch of setting. We liked how simple it was and there wasn't any guessing with complicated storylines. His voice is distinct in here and it's quite dynamic as well. The melody isn't too catchy after the first few listens though, so this is something we will have to listen to a couple more times. It's definitely his style so there won't be second-guessing on the artist but it's harder to distinguish his songs from one another.

It's definitely been harder to find new cantopop songs these days because we sometimes feel like they sound flat and generally cover the same topics. There's definitely not much diversity in style so it limits the audience. It would be great if there was more than ballads about breakups. Hoffman's song last year 仍堅持 was different in terms of topic and he brings an inspirational voice to his listeners.

鄭世豪 Hoffman Cheng - 逐格回味

曲:Novy Chan

早晚亦做伴 但默然像空氣
心裡極混亂 不知怎去說起
情感說不破 相處亦孤寡無味
仍然樂意做妳 背後的知己
無奈是 喜怒樂哀都因妳而起
呆等大半生 然後自命極淒美
難道我與妳 到最後會一起

即使接近妳 不可抱緊妳
就連互望 難免亦吃力迴避
眼睛太易動情 揭露我隱秘
即使渴慕妳 欣賞妳的美
奈何實在害怕 心中有疑忌
怕相告時 得不到妳心 反遭厭棄

還期望 他日亦可相擁抱而死
如今為妳等 年月漸逝亦不理
惟獨對妳會 永遠耗費心機
很想接近妳 很想抱緊妳
但如互望 仍會落魄地迴避
怕雙眼若動情 透露我心理

多麼渴慕妳 欣賞妳的美
奈何並未示愛 心中有疑忌
怕相告時 馬上會處死
心中這部戲 反覆上映妳

偏偏愛慕這 得不到的妳
豁出去時 可否聽我講 一聲愛妳

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- CeeJay

Monday, 22 May 2017

My Dearly Sinful Mind 心理追兇 Mind Hunter TVB Review


It has been a long while since we've posted drama reviews for TVB because to be honest, we watched a few episodes of Provocateur and Married But Available, but they just didn't keep us interested. Surprisingly, we have been pretty up to date with My Dearly Sinful Mind as we usually enjoy crime and mystery dramas. We know it's been a while since this has aired but we have been quite busy.

Image retrieved from:

Plot Overview: In this crime thriller, psychologist Chung Tai Yin (Kenneth Ma) attempts to seek the truth behind a murder case which indirectly caused his girlfriend (Roxanne Tong), Icy's death. In the case, Lo Kin Keung (Willie Wai), a campus worker is found to have killed three girls and stabbed two. Icy was Lo Kin Keung's psychologist and had previously reported that he was not aggressive. This caused an argument between Tai Yin or TY and her, causing her to get run over by a car. As TY works to uncover the truth, he finds himself involved with a series of other cases.

Thoughts and Opinions: 

This drama had one big case that was the background focus of the entire drama, but it had small individual cases that were sometimes unrelated to the over-arching mystery. This could have gotten messy and disconnected when they started solving other cases, but the drama still managed to flow and make sense to us. We will mostly be focussing on the characters and the acting. 

The first case featured Kent Tong and Jade Leung as a divorced couple that have two sons, the older one involved in the murder of a Yuki, this 'prostitute/hooker?' It was nice seeing Kent Tong in a TVB drama again and we didn't even know he was a guest star. There seemed to be little publicity on this drama before it aired unlike some of the other ones (My Unfair Lady) that are airing this year for the 50th Anniversary. 

We thought Mat Yeung's Day stole the show for the first case. His acting is very natural here as someone with Asperger's Syndrome while still providing comic relief. A role like Day's easily shows the range of an actor abilities and we're happy that Mat is getting more roles to show his versatility.

The second case featured Helen Ma, Ho Yuen-Tong where the mom was abusing the son in public. This caused the son Ah Man to develop mental health problems. To vent out his inner emotions, he would throw things from buildings onto people who were rude and reflected his mom's behaviour. We really enjoyed this case because we felt for Man. His monologue at Free-D Radio to search for his mom was very emotional and was a highlight of the drama.

The main case revolved around Grace Wong's character Wong Hoi-Ching. It started off with Kenneth's TY Chung trying to find out what happened with his girlfriend's patient. Roxanne Tong plays Icy, TY's girlfriend who died in a car accident and she is also a psychologist. Her patient Lo Kin-Keung was involved in a murder of three girls who were friends with Grace Wong but she only got injured. The case took a while to develop because it contained a number of smaller cases that related to the characters. 

The first one was the mysterious packages that Grace received. We already felt that she was fishy when Kenneth started to help her with PTSD from the murder case. Grace Wong has definitely proved herself as a great actress with this role and from AFWFW last year. She acts well with her eyes, they can be fierce and passionate when her character calls for it. In many ways, she overshadowed the rest of the cast because there was more to her character at every turn. The more you watched, the scarier it became and she pulled it off well. 

We found Kenneth on the other hand to be just adequate here. There was nothing special and his imaginative scenes with Roxanne got redundant after like the fifth time. They played the same song every time he thought of her and it became unnecessary for him to have arguments in his mind with her when he went ahead with his plans anyways. We've always found his emotional scenes harder to watch because he keeps this longing, sad expression for too long without saying anything. In this drama, they improved but we preferred him as the serious TY Chung.

Although Sisley's acting here is a lot better than her old days, we thought her character Moon was kinda unnecessary. She didn't have much to do besides serve as Win Sir (Pierre Ngo)'s love interest and be the victim for a couple of cases. Mind you the whole love story with Win Sir only really developed in the last 5 episodes. But fortunately, it did not feel like a chore to watch her as she had great chemistry with Day as brothers and sisters. Pierre being paired with Sisley was a totally new pair and surprisingly, it was not bad to watch at all.

Speaking of Win Sir, we are glad that Pierre is finally getting larger roles, and he had quite a lot of screentime (even though he was still a supporting actor). It was nice to watch his character because the role of Win Sir was not the conventional, righteous and honorable policeman that we've seen in many dramas (except for Destination Nowhere). Instead, Win Sir was definitely flawed in that he was pessimistic at times and bitter as he blamed his dad and Day for ruining his life. 

The other stories about Grace manipulating people to get what she wanted was quite twisted. Near the end, the deaths just piled up and it wasn't even sad anymore. By the time Jack Wu (the psychologist turned bar owner friend) died, it was just another death in the books to further prove the manipulation of the Wong siblings. The drama would have been better if they took that death out and took more time to mourn for the other deaths like Dr. Fong (Stephen Wong).

We thought the ending was unconventional and that was something nice to see from TVB. First off, usually if TVB wants to go the happy route, the two villains would be either killed or would end up in jail. They did kill off Raymond Cho but it was Grace who out-smarted him. She ended up walking off sending the audience a chill down their spines yet she was able to give off a heroine vibe. This was definitely a defining moment for her character. The second thing that was different was TY driving his car straight into the ocean. Of course the series ends just as his car reaches the water so you're left wondering if he actually died to reunite with Icy. We like to think he did die and that everything to do with the drama ended right then and there. It was a nice closure despite killing off the main character. 

This drama worked in terms of characters and acting because the supporting cast was strong creating an interesting balance of characters on screen. We rate this series 8/10. 

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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

My Unfair Lady -不懂撒嬌的女人 TVB Theme Songs Review

Hey! We're gonna be introducing the two new songs for My Unfair Lady, TVB's first 4K drama filmed entirely out of the studio. 

The theme song is sung by Stephanie Ho. She's never really had a song that we didn't like and that goes for this song too. 

For the most part the lyrics fit the drama well and the meaning is quite literal. There are just some weird phrases that we felt were awkward like 才換到結果花開. Normally it would be 開花結果 but probably because of the tune, they had to rearrange the saying... still makes sense? What's lacking for us is the melody, this one is not to memorable and catchy. We were hoping for such a hyped drama, the song would be longer and easier to catch onto. Instead this is just the first verse repeated at the very end and then three repeated choruses to fill up time that still doesn't make 3 minutes.

何雁詩 Stephanie - 我不會撒嬌 (劇集 "不懂撒嬌的女人" 主題曲)


殘酷世代 置身千次競賽 才學會自強忍耐
沉悶有害 難道必須裝可愛 才換到結果花開

當 群眾喧嘩太紛擾 誰又聽到我心跳
若非 誠意不必再騷擾 留住這青春很需要
爭取分秒 明確對焦

無視障礙 理想超重負載 誰讓我值回等待
從沒替代 難道經得起感慨

當 群眾喧嘩太紛擾 誰又聽到我心跳
若非 誠意不必再騷擾 難道求生都必需要
懂得怎笑 練到細腰 來炫耀

當 群眾喧嘩太紛擾 誰又聽到我心跳
明知 誠意畢竟那麼少 而幸福憧憬多飄渺
真心需要 時間揭曉

殘酷世代 置身千次競賽 良善也倖存心內
情像意外 緣份可一不可再
這份情 我偏不想放開

The ending theme song is by HANA, The Voice Entertainment's newest female singer (kind-of a Jinny replacement). We think her voice is pretty unique but it's a little hollow and shaky? Definitely a good singer for sad love songs but for powerful, inspirational ones she would not be our first pick. This song is alright but we need to be brainwashed a couple times before it sits in haha. This is one of HANA's first songs that we have paid attention to despite her many singles on the channel from before joining Voice Ent. She does remind us of Jinny a little (but with a more powerful voice) and hopefully they give her some good songs to sing. 

Talking about the song, again the chorus is repeated three times, and we've mentioned this too many times in other song posts but where is the bridge...? Guess that's just out the door for all songs from this company. We can only comment on the repetition of this song and some of the weird lyrics again. There was one suggestion that we thought of that would work better in our opinion. For the '昨' (yesterday) in the line 星火燦爛如昨 也是場幻覺, we thought it could be replaced by 初 (beginning). It flows a little better in our opinion and also makes more sense in the context of the lyrics. 

HANA - 手中沙 (劇集 "不懂撒嬌的女人" 片尾曲) Official MV


習慣每天加班的工作 怎麼仍然寂寞
在夜靜望向熒幕 逃離圍城的束縛
星火燦爛如昨 也是場幻覺

辦公室裡 咖啡廳裡 和背影一對
望穿秋水 望穿秋水 靈魂的伴侶

大概再多狠狠的揮霍 心中仍然落寞
何年從何處尋獲 暖暖情人的肩膊
可給笑著投靠 以未來付託

辦公室裡 咖啡廳裡 和背影一對
望穿秋水 望穿秋水 靈魂的伴侶

辦公室裡 咖啡廳裡 和背影一對
望穿秋水 望穿秋水 如盪失風裡

Kayee also sings an old classic 陪著你走 that is used in the drama. It was first played in episode 7 and it feels like they just had to get Kayee a song too so all the female singers had something for this drama. We thought it was unnecessary to redo this song and the arrangement isn't anything mind-blowing. She sings well and her voice is soft and soothing, but it would've been nice for her to have an original song. 

譚嘉儀 Kayee - 陪著你走 (劇集 "不懂撒嬌的女人" 插曲)

監:何哲圖 / 朱俊傑

誰說 時間片刻變陳舊
因我 身邊有你緊握我的手

而愛 誰說永不會長壽
都能  把心中星星閃得通透

陪著你走 一生一世也不分
天天編出兩雙足印 過千山過千海
如果 走到這世界邊端
我倆已是無力前行 跟我一起飛去

不相信 時間片刻變陳舊
因你 身邊有我緊握你的手

這份愛 誰說永不會長壽
都能 把心中星星閃得通透

陪著你走 一生一世也不分
天天編出兩雙足印 過千山過千海
如果 走到這世界邊端
我倆已是無力前行 跟我一起飛去

誰說 時間片刻變陳舊
因我 身邊有你緊握我的手

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Saturday, 29 April 2017

CeeJay's Pick of the Month (April) - C Allstar Singles

Hello everyone,

We have been rather slow on updates for our thoughts and opinions on dramas because we haven't been watching a lot of them this year unfortunately. We are still keeping up with the songs though because its a faster way to connect to the HK entertainment scene than to watch an episode a day for us.

This month we have four songs that we are going to introduce. They're all singles from C Allstar, each song is sung by one of its members. We thought that this idea was pretty interesting since we only know the group but have no idea who the individual members are.

The first one that was released was Take Your Time by Jase

We actually enjoy this one because it's easy going and chill. The other 3 songs are all MV's about bad breakups so this is a good break from the same themes. This sounds the most raw and authentic of the 4 songs and we enjoy seeing this side of C Allstar.

Jase@C AllStar - Take Your Time

曲:Cousin Fung/Ronald Tsui/Nic Tsui@MOYAO
編:Cousin Fung
監:簡/Cousin Fung

Take your time 望着未來 變鑽石 那份碳
貴賓室之中 安心去揀 
像我這一款 慢熟類型 哪裡夠亮眼
至少望 三五七年 你一時 看不慣
Oh~ Oh~ Oh~
所有時間 給你 愛上災難
讓錯的變做 對先生

從前 現在直到未來
任你 慢用未怕耐
你肯開 我肯栽 何妨花 兩百載
兀突望到可愛 刻板望到出彩
東西對得多 對慣就愛
Take your time 
We don’t have to rush to the finish line
既不用 一見鍾情
你不如 看多眼
所有時間 等你 軟化堅硬
耐性總有日 過三關 

從前 現在直到未來
任你 慢用未怕耐
你肯開 我肯栽 何妨花 四百載
兀突望到可愛 刻板望到出彩
東西對得多 對慣就愛

性格沒法 為你改
卻有力氣 跟偏激鬥耐
聖誕就算 沒理睬 過年再賽
等多兩日 春天 飄降 人間 或再開

不敢催 明日有 派彩
明白你 迫太近 會退開
很清楚 好感要自來 誰能摘採
天機的信封 早 未拆得開

(從前 現在直到未來
良辰慢活 沒有害
細心栽 你不開 徘徊多 八百載
謝絕別個寵愛 只等你的花開
一早看得開 如被愛 是捱出來 沙礫裡面拾回來 都是愛)

The second song is 煉獄健身室 by On 

The thumbnail on this MV already tells you what this song is selling haha. There is no doubt that it's one of the reasons why this song has the most views out of the four. We personally don't mind the song but the lyrics and the theme of going to the gym is kind of a stretch when it is related to a bad breakup. 
On@C AllStar - 煉獄健身室

曲: On@ C AllStar
詞: 黃偉文
編/監 : Adrian Chan

滴著汗水 專心一意 擴大我胸襟
毛巾 濕 淚水先乾透 自信方可再生
虐待自己 一般不會 扭轉人生
不過 舉過 負不起的重 仍是某種發奮

太多怨恨 何妨來煉獄洩憤
用身心虛脫 來換暴漲青筋
記起你便 回來除掉戀愛癮

健身室裡的 早午晚上 誰會怕苦
被撇下者 請自顧
魂飛散都要砌好 身體一副

日子將有功 等每塊肉 捱夠痛苦
强大到沒需要 被攙扶
移除你 誰人會 危危乎

日日練跑 天天舉重 總會有豐收
情感 偏 像虧本生意 被騙子都帶走
因此我慢慢練出 寬肩虎背 別人難偷
只有 這套 肉身的盔甲 才是我真擁有

遍找宇宙 人魚還是未見有
但一身曲綫 成敗在我雙手
我知報復 如頭盲目的野獸
若有力要浪費 浪費在每天訓練時候
健身室裡的 早午晚上 誰會怕苦
被撇下者 請自顧
魂飛散都要砌好 身體一副

日子將有功 等每塊肉 捱夠痛苦
强大到沒需要 被攙扶
移除你 誰人會 危危乎

掌也舉到起繭了 不在乎
腰也扭到拉傷了 不在乎
誰又會 來救護

就算聽到 骨骼碎裂 誰會怕苦
魂飛散都要砌好 身體一副

日子將有功 等每塊肉 捱夠痛苦
重拾我自尊當 護身符
沉迷你 才忘我 迷迷糊

磨練我肉身當 護心符
如能夠 遺忘你 值得痛苦

The third song that was released was 出場序 by King. This song is pretty typical in our opinion. The melody is not too memorable either. After a few listens we might remember it? But with HK songs these days, sometimes it's hard to differentiate them from each other. Especially if they're from the same artist, we are getting worse and worse at instantly saying the title of the song when we hear it on the radio. 

The only major complaint we have with this MV is the sloppiness of King's outfit for his own wedding. At 3:32 in the video, you can see how his shirt is hanging out untucked. His suit jacket looks very casual and cheap too. He's also just wearing white sneakers? What a new look for weddings that we haven't seen before. This was disappointing and we have seen wedding MV's too much lately and now they even have sloppy weddings that ruin the whole MV in our opinion.

King@C AllStar - 出場序

曲:Cousin Fung
編:Cousin Fung


時候對 怎樣錯 還是有勛章

誰獨唱 和誰合唱
也許 不可勉強

明明讓你 快樂的我
能陪住你 卻並非我
被你所選擇的 絕對不如我
他選對 那刻 的歌

無缘做你 壓軸一個
原來是個 次序的錯
在那翻風日子 未見暖心的我
誰在最終應該 要難過

待你好 恐怕亦沒有印象

誰在想~ 給助養其實 更舒暢

誰為你 紅茶付賬

明明讓你 快樂的我
能陪住你 卻並非我
被你所選擇的 絕對不如我
他選對 那刻 的歌

無缘做你 壓軸一個
原來是個 次序的錯
在最好的日子 遇上最差的我
其實我知不應 太難過

明明讓你 快樂的我
能陪住你 卻並非我
為你他所付出 絕對不如我
偏偏我 所得 不多

前文後理 決定翻過
為何尚要 掛礙太多
難在看通 都不太難過

The last song released is 別消失 by 釗峰. This is going to be a difficult song to sing live with the high notes so we don't have much expectations for it during their concert. Hopefully he can nail it though. As for the song itself, it's another break up one where one side is missing the other and they want them back. We've noticed that Wyman Wong has wrote the lyrics for all the songs and because of this, they all kinda sound the same and of course there's always weird lyrics fitted in for the sake of filling space. 

釗峰@C AllStar - 別消失

監:簡 / 賴映彤

活著悶死人 活著極錯
被消失的人 恨不得多坐

白飯的滋味 啖啖軟糯
悠長劇季 才開播
即使你 瀟灑到 這些也 可拋下
可想過 誰來 陪我

多生氣 都可以 懇請你 別消失 
這秒最糟的事 過兩秒很小事
去散步完 再很介意 也未遲
多不滿 都可以 總之你 別消失
要放棄多輕易 去對抗先不易 
太快已跪低 沒意思

獨自遇災難 合力面對
若活得很累 儘量一起累
你我挺住 彼此脊椎

別靜靜寫下 道別字句
我信來年 會有趣
假使你 好憎我 囉唆你 的生活
以半世 駁我的嘴

多生氣 都可以 懇請你 別消失
這秒最糟的事 過兩秒很小事
去散步完 再很介意 也未遲 
多不滿 都可以 總之你 別消失
要放棄多輕易 去對抗先不易
有滿肚怒火 兌換鬥志

崩潰可以 趁你有青春 重來萬次
誰無望了 那叫過甚其辭 難道你看破相書
話 等不到春至

恕我說得很白 我碰過這種事
泡泡浴完 已經過了 最壞時
不管我 都可以 總之你 別消失
要放棄多輕易 要對抗先不易
太快已跪低 沒意思

Thanks for checking out our post on the new singles from C Allstar. Overall this is an ok collection in our opinion but it's lacking some character and individuality besides Jase's song being a little different. The break up songs are kinda redundant and the MV's have also been overdone (weddings and sad girls missing their ex's). 


Thursday, 30 March 2017

CeeJay's Pick of the Month (March) - 關楚耀 Kelvin Kwan - 死亡之吻

Hey everybody!

Today, we are introducing  "死亡之吻", by Kelvin Kwan as our Pick of the Month song. 

It felt like it has been a while since we've heard Kelvin Kwan's songs, so we thought this song was pretty fresh. The MV isn't bad either, although we wish the story line was more clear of what exactly was going on between Kelvin and the female character. What we really mean is that we want to know the purpose as to why the main characters cannot be together in a relationship and what is stopping their "kiss" near the end of the MV. We do see the woman go into another car after - so maybe Kelvin is the third party and he doesn't know it.  This theory is supported with the lyric "然後你和誰偷走". At the end, Kelvin has takeout in his hands and it looks like he's maybe going to the woman's house (the food is for her). The video ends as soon as he begins to unlock the door and may be suggesting that Kelvin will discover the truth of being a part of a triangular relationship.... But hey, at least there is a story that complements the song, unlike some MVs from a certain company ;).

We also aren't too fond of the lyrics because it feels like plain Cantonese talking and the lyrical flow of the song is missing. Some lyrics are random and a bit forced in our opinion such as, "我原來承受不起女人". But overall, the tune of the song quite enjoyable and quickly sticks to your head, which is why we chose it. Enjoy!


我沒法 沒法預計這一個下場
傻到為你 為你奉獻一切才異常
名利我虔誠送上 期望你留神欣賞 我妄想
我甚至 甚至沒有 希罕你肉償
可怕是你 用你用慣的騙人伎倆
害我葬身溫柔鄉 迷惑我思想

貪一刻溫暖 差點毀了我一生
貪一刻歡快 得到想我死的一吻
動了該死的凡心 我用無情力推開快感
和你不需要開心 從此不必走近

我就算 就算沒有犧牲我自由
都算為你 為你做過三兩年玩偶
停下我原來節奏 然後你和誰偷走
用藉口 爛藉口

貪一刻溫暖 差點毀了我一生
貪一刻歡快 得到想我死的一吻
動了該死的凡心 我用無情力推開快感
和你不需要開心 誰深深不忿

為何為情迷途是我 為何為情受罪太多
明知的 紅粉必惹禍 多多少少領略過
我上世欠你太多 今天一次過找清楚不必再拖
沉溺的結果 不要躲

貪一刻溫暖 差點毀了我一生
撞向魔鬼的紋身 我原來承受不起女人
就算心中有不甘 不要緊
和你早不算開心 殘忍只需一棍

我怕 就當我怕 我要令我愉快 就算沒資格
我也 沒有辦法 是你太變態 我要猛烈清拆
我怕 就當我怕 我要令我愉快 就算沒資格
我也 沒有辦法 是你太變態 我要猛烈清拆


Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Two Year Anniversary!!!

Hello everyone!!

Today is our two year anniversary and we would just like to thank everyone who's been checking out our blog and reading our posts. This past year, we have definitely gained a lot of viewers and we hope that you can continue to support us and let your friends and family know about our small blog. We especially appreciate the commentators on our blog for always providing your insights on our posts. Also, thanks to Ah Tao, our part-time contributor, for all your hard work!

This year we were able to write more reviews and even started a new monthly post introducing new music. The start of 2017 has been slower for posts on our part because of how busy our lives have been and how we haven't been watching too many dramas. As new dramas come out, we hope to share more of our thoughts and opinions with everyone!

Please let us know what you would like to see in the future.

Thank you for supporting CeeJay's!

-Cee and Jay

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Tiger Mom Blues 親親我好媽 TVB Review

Hello! We are going to talk a bit about our thoughts on Tiger Mom Blues! We apologize for the very late review; we have been very slow with dramas lately, due to other work.

Image retrieved from:


Initially, I told myself that I would be skipping this drama since it looked bland and the cast wasn't all too appealing. The theme of children and how hard school is in HK has been done with Daddy Dearest and such so I felt like this was a skip for sure. I was wrong. I ended up really enjoying this drama because it was so real, relatable, and the storyline was simple. I've had issues with the inconsistent plots that TVB has been churning out because they're always trying to overcomplicate things and have like 8 storylines at once. This time, there is a central focus on the Yim Family (Elena Kong, Ben Wong) and the drama talks about events that revolve around them and their friends.

One thing that I enjoyed about this drama was the casting of the children. Usually TVB tends to go for 6 year olds that look at the camera and recite the lines with no emotion or they have 30 year olds playing high school kids. Matthew Ho was a bit of a stretch in this one but his face looks young and therefore, it was still acceptable. He played Hayden well and his acting was very natural here. I liked how he acted as the bad boy with bad grades and a bad attitude to begin with but when the story with his friend who has a kid gets introduced, it showed his desire to be responsible. This drama ends with a happy ending and of course, he ends up putting work into school and finishes off well however he decides to pursue his culinary career in France with Sing Gut See. I too feel as though his high grades could have opened up many other doors for him, but I guess if culinary school isn't his thing, he can come back to HK and still get into some post-secondary studies.

I especially enjoyed the two actresses that played Venus and Echo. They had a wonderful bond on screen and maybe instead of talking so much about the PTA (Parent Teacher Association??), they could have had more sister time. I am curious as to why there wasn't a sister fighting scene since we all know that sisters don't get along all the time and it would've showed another side of the family and how the parents would deal with siblings fighting. First for Kaman Kong playing Venus, she definitely has potential to act and its a shame that she doesn't have anything lined up at TVB. Hopefully she is filming movies or something else to progress her career. People often say that working for TVB is tough (long hours, low pay) but this drama further shows that TVB is a platform for publicity. I never even knew Kaman before but now she is this new 女神 in HK. The highlight of her performance was of course the fight with Elena Kong, her step-mother who raised her, more on this later. The highlight for Echo was when she threw a tantrum about the piano teacher Ms. Chan for not teaching her anymore because she valued money above anything else. It was very natural and the tears that trickled down her face were of hurt. Usually child actors just wail but no tears come out. Oscar the little brat was also very despicable and well played.

*side rant* I allowed myself to look past some inconsistencies in the books, how there are 2 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix books on the same bookshelf at Ms. Man's (Sharon Chan's) house. The rest of the series isn't there either. When Venus was studying in the library she was flipping pages in a book about the periodic table of elements and it was talking about Einsteinium. I highly doubt someone would be looking into each element and memorizing characteristics of something as rare as Einsteinium... They probably got her a random scholarly looking book haha. I am just being nit-picky here (the nerd in me comes out as you can see).

My favourite scene is the fight scene between Venus and her mom, Natalie. It was so real and everything that Venus said was relatable with strict asian parents haha. The immediate change in emotion after Natalie finds out that Venus already knew that she wasn't her real mom was very well acted. I felt scared for Natalie and how there might be a possibility for Venus to return to her real mom. The things that Natalie as a tiger mom control are quite typical and nothing too out of the ordinary but I really liked how she changed her outlook as a parent in the end. Sometimes, I think it is important for strict parents to realize that the restrictions will only lead their child to want to try things more (alcohol, dating...). At least under your knowledge, they can try these things safely but if they feel the need to lie to you, then there is absolutely no trust in the relationship, what's the point of telling them not to do it in the first place? I liked how this drama ended on a positive note for that matter.

Overall this was a simple drama but it really connected with me. There weren't crazy plot twists and the acting was overall great from everyone as well. Definitely underestimated this one!

Jay: My thoughts are quite similar to Cee’s, so I’ll try to keep this short. Overall, TMB was a really good, simple drama that was applicable to pretty much anyone with a family (especially Asian families haha). The plot was very basic with a main focus on the lives of the kids and parents, but it was well-executed, proving that TVB does not have to add twenty different plot situations (like in Burning Hands, Recipes to Live By) to make a drama more appealing. In fact, TMB surprisingly is the drama with the most viewership ratings so far this year. I was very doubtful of TMB before starting it because I was almost certain it would be one of those average family dramas (Daddy Dearest), but the simplicity of it was actually a refreshing break from exhausting myself with catching up with numerous plot twists TVB dramas are known for nowadays. The focus of the plot was actually very different than what we usually see in a standard family drama and I really enjoyed the emphasis of looking at a child’s life (and their parents’) through realistic lenses. It is true that students face tremendous struggles being bombarded with homework from school, while trying to balance out extracurriculars and maintain straight A’s. I felt that TMB placed the right amount of emphasis on this, whereas other previous family dramas have really failed to capture the issue or they make school look too easy. It was great to see that there were scenes of what happens inside school because normally, we just see the students outside of the school, waiting for their parents to pick them up and that would be the end of it. The only aspect of the plot that was not great was using the plot where the biological parent leaves their child behind and comes back years later to destroy happiness and peace and take back their kid. This type of situation is overused and we already knew what would happen, so it was a bit annoying to watch.

For acting, I do not have a lot of complaints. The characters should have been already quite easy to portray. I was pleasantly surprised with all of the kids’ acting. Oscar’s brattiness was a highlight for me and it was hilarious seeing him throughout the drama. Venus and Hayden also had great chemistry together and even though they are both older than their teenage years in real life, Kaman and Matthew managed to pull it off as highschoolers. I thought that Sharon Chan’s character as Ms. Man was just a tad too plain. She was the good, kind-hearted teacher that cared about her students. That’s it. As for Elena Kong, her acting was convincing as a tiger mom and the character was realistic as you really could see the struggle of trying to do what’s best for her kids, even though she uses her stubborn ways. I have to add that Michelle Yim being her mother was a bit of a stretch. She even looked younger than Elena, so when they were onscreen together, it didn’t come across as a mother-daughter chemistry and they looked more like sisters to me.

That sums up my thoughts on Tiger Mom Blues. All in all, an unexpected, but charming drama with a simple family theme that was executed with little issues. We both give this an 8/10 rating.

We really hope we will get time for a Destination Nowhere review post, but unfortunately, we are not even finished watching it! See you next time!


Tuesday, 28 February 2017

CeeJay's Pick of the Month (Feburary) -周柏豪 Pakho Chau - 近在千里 (feat. 衛蘭)


We have been looking through some new songs this month and to our surprise, only a couple of HK songs have been released. The most memorable song we heard this month was Pakho's 近在千里 (feat. 衛蘭 Janice). We were quite excited to hear this collaboration, knowing that both are considered "better" singers in the cantopop industry today. Unfortunately, Janice only had a couple of lines to sing near the end. We would have preferred it if she had a more prominent part of the song with solo parts, so you can better hear her soft voice. The instrumental part was too loud and this song was a waste for her singing. Pakho's singing is on par with his usual style (soft, slower songs). The tune is comforting and overall likable. The only thing we find with Pakho is that he can be a bit boring sometimes and doesn't have much to show off for his vocal techniques.

What we are really interested in is the music video. We noticed that it's the same girl from his last MV, and there's the same planet/moon hanging low in the sky that's seen in both of the videos, so we are assuming that they are about the same characters/story.

Basically the story of this one is the girl and guy go camping together and somewhere along the lines, they get separated and can't find each other.
This MV is confusing to us when put in the context of the last video. This must've been the prelude since she did die in the one that they released earlier. We haven't really gotten into finding out the story from the people in the comments either so now we're just listening to the song mostly.

周柏豪 Pakho Chau - 近在千里 (feat. 衛蘭)

作曲:Kenix Cheang
作詞:林若寧 (英文詞: Kenix Cheang)
編曲:Kenix Cheang



躲進地球後 大方一點撤走
令你活到這樣甜 削減 我掛念你借口



躲進地球後 大方一點撤走

Just close your eyes
And be with me forever
Always by my side
No matter what comes by
You've touched my heart
I swear I'll love you forever
By the starlights in the sky

別要像我這樣愁 至少叫你綻放笑口


Thanks for reading/listening! 


Saturday, 25 February 2017

Burning Hands 乘勝狙擊 TVB Review

Greetings to all!

Here is another TVB series review which we know you all love. ;) Burning Hands ended a while ago but since we were behind on dramas, the review is out now.

Image retrieved from:

Plot Overview: A group of con-artists, Yat Gor (Ruco Chan), Win Jeh (Rosina Lam), Yee Jai/Hugo (Joel Chan), Souvenir (Candice Chiu), Sun Kai Jai (Jazz Lam), Open Eyes (Tsui Wing), and Sau Fung (Stefan Wong), plan to take revenge for their master Szeto Sing (Pat Poon), who lost a game of gambling to the "Gambling King", Fok Chun-sing (Pal Sinn). They soon are forced to work under Chun-sing as investigators for his business's missing money. Before the case is solved, the story spirals into a revenge plot, where in reality, Yat Gor is trying to avenge his father, Cheung Tin-lung's (Hugo Ng) death, which he suspects is the doing of Fok Chun-sing. As the story progresses, the true villains are revealed and Yat Gor and Fok Chun-sing team up to bring order back into their lives.

Our combined thoughts (CONTAINS SPOILERS!):

Initially we were pretty excited to see this drama since there was an appealing cast and focus of the story. However, it was not as we thought it would be. Burning Hands was not a bad drama, but let’s just say that there was expectation for it to be so much more. Especially with the big cast, the drama was especially disappointing. Firstly, we were unimpressed with the changing focuses of the plot. It started off as a revenge plot with the con-artist schemes. Then, it turned to searching for the traitor of Chun-sing’s company, and then, it was back to revenge (what is a TVB drama with a revenge on father's killer right?). However, it turns out that the father isn’t dead and he is a despicable man who is not worth helping. Now, they’re fighting against Hugo and blah blah blah…but what happened to the con-artist theme? We really hoped that this would be the overarching theme and while the drama attempted to add lines here and there to relate it, we are lacking a strong connection between the plot of the story as a whole to the con-artists. To be honest, it could have been ANYONE who went through the same story (ordinary citizens) and the idea of using swindlers as the role of the characters was supposed to be more interesting, but it really had no effect on the typical business rivalry story that we've seen in every other drama. Even at the very end, we expected a grand scheme full of tricks and games and what we got was a fistfight between Yat Gor and Hugo and by luck - not by skills, Hugo got shot. Whatever happened to Hugo's magic tricks! He barely did anything with his "superb" magic and only used it to impress girls. They didn't even have a huge gambling game between the two as the casino theme was supposed to be big in the drama.

At the beginning, they tried to show off each of the Szeto Sing’s apprentices' wonderful skills of conning people's money, but some of the schemes were quite dumb. For example, Open Eyes just made rich people drop their watches and picked them up (were his driving skills beast? we doubt it). We didn't even know what Souvenir was really doing. We can comment, however, that her disguises aren't that spectacular because she looked basically the same as before. She has the same mainland nanny accent for a lot of her disguises and the makeup is very unnatural and a bit much. Worst of all, the "head" of their little gang, Yat Gor, SOLD HIS APARTMENT. As far as we know, that is not considered tricking people, that's just selling something that was yours for the price it was worth. It also turns out that Sun Kai Jai's boxing isn't that great and his skills as a con-artist is really limited. He is beaten pretty much 70% of the time and has no use especially during the action scenes. He came out beaten and bruised every time. Sau Fung had a more unique set of skills, but he did nothing much with them. . why don't we call him resident bartender instead? These scenes gave us false expectations that that was how the drama was going to look like (with lots of playful tricks and schemes). Not to mention, the beginning resembled 90% to the film, Now You See Me. 

The whole story with Hugo (Not Hugo Ng or Hugo Wong, but Joel Chan, who played Hugo) was puzzling. To create a successful villain, we have to gain some understanding of he/she's background, but there weren't even flashbacks for Hugo's back story! He only laments a few times of how he had a miserable past. To the audience, it felt like he suddenly turned bad in the span of a couple episodes and in this time period, his cruelty escalated to a point where he is did not mind killing people at all. The problem with this is that we never get a bridge between a supposedly loyal and kind person to a ruthless murderer. Another thing we don't understand is why he keeps visiting his father if he despises him so much? Who is the father anyways? What exactly happened in the past that made his son so vengeful? The story would have benefited if there was the development of this story, instead of showing the numerous intimate scenes with Veronica and Hugo. Speaking of Veronica, when did Hugo even meet her? It felt like they knew each other long before, but there was never an explanation. Why was he with Dawn in the first place if he was already with Veronica, especially since it didn't help him with getting any power or money and he eventually broke up with her anyways? It makes us wonder if he really had this whole plan to take over the company before going to Macau (like they made it seem in the drama). Also, how did he not die with the bullet shot right into his neck? It looked pretty fatal to us...

Another issue we have is with having two major villains, Hugo and Cheung Tin-lung. Their personalities aren't contrasted enough that it makes it feel like that we can have one villain without another. They both are mentally unstable, treat their women like disposable objects, are driven mad with the desire for revenge, and want to be the big boss of Chun-sing's company. The only major difference is Hugo wants to defeat Yat Gor, while Tin-Lung wants to defeat Chun-sing. So although it was amusing to see Cheung Tin-Lung, we didn't need to see two of the same characters (one old and one young). In fact, the series would have probably been much better with one, focused and mature antagonist. They also did not develop Cheung Tin-Lung's story enough. He just came back suddenly and went on a rampage and shot people and such. They skimmed over how he spent the last few decades and he was just a plot device to make the drama more dramatic and crazy.

The side story with Win Jeh and Ah Leung was random and really didn't have any connection with what was going on in the main plot, except in the end, when Ah Leung got angry and decided to take revenge on all the good guys as well. Win Jeh's character was totally wasted as all she did was be sad about Yat Gor not loving her back. (although he did but couldn't be with her). She has a major flaw as a con-artist because she gets too attached and then makes irrational decisions based on her gut feeling. Our question is if she already knew that she loved Yat Gor so much, even if it was unrequited, why did she suddenly marry Ah Leung and lie about the baby and everything? Her thoughts went something like this, 'He hasn't called me back yet, he obviously doesn't want me anymore, well might as well give myself to another man right here right now! ... I'm feeling a bit of regret... oh no... I feel horrible, I love Yat, I should have never been with Leung' It didn't make much sense so we guessed this was just another device to make sure Ah Leung would be betrayed, thus giving him reason to help Hugo defeat Yat Gor. This part of the story was honestly unnecessary. As the main female lead, Win Jeh had nothing to do but be annoying and irrational.

The deaths of Stone and Win Jeh's father was completely unnecessary as well and it didn't have much purpose. Why not just have Stone become a better person and redeem himself from past mistakes? Win Jeh's father dying was like, ok let's move on!

In terms of acting, there was no room for actors to show off their acting skills and again, the actors were wasted in a weak story-line. Ruco was the same, one-dimensional heroic protagonist and despite trying to make him have a "bad" image at the beginning, he was just a benevolent character that tried to make things right for everyone. We know what Ruco can do and frankly, this is not even close to a Tv king worthy portrayal due to the bland character. The same thing goes for many of these actors and actresses such as Rosina Lam. We expected her to be a cool heroine, but all she did was cry about her romantic life and when she got pregnant, she basically just sat in her house. No character development at all. We did enjoy Joel's acting as Hugo and we hope to see him act well as a good character next time as he is usually the bad guy. We didn't mind Kelly Fu's acting and we can tell she's improved a lot from Triumph in the Skies II. At least she wasn't cringe-worthy because we all know with TVB, it could have been a lot worse. We liked Candice as Souvenir as well with a fun personality to differ from the other female leads and we wished there was more growth of the role as well because she was just "there" most of the time, and this made her eventually annoying when she just did unnecessary things (trying to allure Yat Gor). That statement basically holds true for all of the members of Szeto's con-artist gang because every time they appear on screen, they're drinking beer or having hotpot in their hideout together to celebrate their last day together as a team...and then they never actually leave... We know there's supposed to be a strong friendship between these characters but unfortunately, we couldn't feel any of that companionship. They were all just useless sidekicks, who never got to use their skills for a good reason. As for Pal Sinn, he acting was mediocre and his crying scenes were really forced. The character of Chun-sing was not very memorable either as he just cried "Celine, Celine!" throughout the drama. Hugo Ng was also really fun to watch and he is great at acting as a villain!

We're gonna stop here now, since we realized we are mainly complaining about every BAD thing in the drama. Of course, there were positives as well like the change of the usual setting of Hong Kong to Macau. The ending was suspenseful and it had enough tension to make us keeping watching until the very end. We guess it's the huge hype for the drama and the cast that made it such a let-down for us because it misled us into thinking this would be a theme entirely based on con-artistry. The plot was too inconsistent and took too much of the drama trying to cram everything in which took away from characterization. Having one major and intense overlying scam would have worked nicely in this drama, while there would be more time to build meaning and layers into characters. So yes, we were quite disappointed with the series. Our warning would be if you are going to see the drama, go in with zero expectations and you might enjoy it more. Our rating for Burning Hands is going to be 6.5/10.

Thank you for putting up with our unstructured, jumbled ranting! Hope you guys are enjoying more (and better) dramas out there!


Monday, 13 February 2017

Destination Nowhere 迷 TVB Theme Songs Review

Hello! We hope you've been doing well! Today we are going to introduce Destination Nowhere's new theme song sung by Fred Cheng. 

We are enjoying this song and we definitely got an unsettling vibe from it, which we think is intended, since the drama seems to be mysterious and the title means "maze/lost", so it is probably going to be confusing? Fred's voice displays great emotion and there is a tone of gloominess and sorrow to the song, unlike his usual rock songs. We think Fred can do a wide range of songs, from heartwarming family themes to ones like this. Lyrics wise, it is fitting for the drama but once again if you are just listening to it on a daily basis, then we would say it's weird like a bunch of TVB theme songs. 

This song is quite standard for TVB theme songs these days so we aren't too "wow"ed. There hasn't been one for a while and it looks like they're changing things up with HANA under their company. Hope to see a new theme song sung by her to see how she is. Her singing is standard again for cantopop these days from her old songs under the old company. Fred and Hubert are still our favourite singers from Voice Ent. 

We have not seen this drama yet but are planning to since we are still behind on Burning Hands and Tiger Mom Blues. As this is Kevin's "last" drama with TVB and he is playing a smaller man compared to the strong character of Kristal's we are definitely interested in what he can pull off. Hopefully we can see it soon and share some of our thoughts with all of you.

鄭俊弘 Fred - 迷 (劇集 "迷" 主題曲) Official Lyrics Video

編:Johnny Yim 
監:何哲圖/Johnny Yim 

人前扮作冷靜 困擾的思緒沒法安寧
誰人害怕固定 貪心時才會拼命
遠處的 未看清 全無後悔一開始 別暫停
夢太好 愛太深 何必急切清醒

灰色漸變得漆黑 自私的想法 和無窮的誘惑
我所有完全盡押 真相如何抹殺 無從回頭那抉擇
當天遇上的一刻 時間定格 沒法能遺忘的對白
看子彈錯發 心意被糟蹋

臨危亦會鎮定 污漬原來已潔淨
你的心 漸結冰 何時幻變的風景 會暫停
我記得 我本應 是天空最閃的 那顆星

灰色漸變得漆黑 自私的想法 和無窮的誘惑
我所有完全盡押 真相如何抹殺 無從回頭那抉擇
當天遇上的一刻 時間定格 沒法能遺忘的對白
看子彈錯發 心意被糟蹋

沒法可解釋充滿荒謬 命運是一個詛咒

灰色漸變得漆黑 幸福的資格 從何時給踐踏
所有全盤抵押 錯對如何扼殺 無從回頭的選擇
當天放手的一刻 矛盾自責 沒法能同行的對立
太多的磨擦 心意被揣測
轉身的一剎 問題還是未答

Let us know if you are going to see this drama! Until next time!

-Cee and Jay

Saturday, 28 January 2017

CeeJay's Pick of the Month (January)

Happy Lunar New Year to everyone who celebrates!!! We decided to bring a few fresh songs for the new year, especially as we had a difficult time choosing which song to feature on the post. Frankly, most of the new releases were pretty boring and the tunes were just average. Here is a pile of songs that were released in January which we think you might enjoy:

1. 周柏豪 Pakho Chau (feat. 岑寧兒)  - 終於我們

2.周柏豪 Pakho Chau - 有生一天

We have two songs from Pakho and we think both of these songs are a great addition to his collection of many tracks.

3. C AllStar - 一刻戀上

A soothing song from the one and only C AllStar!

4. 衛蘭 Janice Vidal - 驗傷

This is a heartwrenching song with a good melody, but other than that, we don't have much to comment on this. 

5. Dear Jane - 羽毛鱗刺

Dear Jane has once again produced a catchy song. We really enjoy the rock-style showcased in this song as it is very different from usual Cantopop.

We hope you'll enjoy some of these songs that we've selected and once again, we wish everyone a great Chinese New Year!

See you next month!