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Short End of the Stick 公公出宮 TVB - Review

Hello there!

As TVB's drama, Short End of the Stick has been finishing up, we decided to bring you a small review, or our thoughts and opinions since it has been a while since our last one! We are not gonna break it down into Cee's thoughts and then Jay's thoughts but we're doing plot, acting and so on... Let us know which format you like better :)

Basic overview: Three eunuchs Lee Suk-gung (Wayne Lai), Dan Tin (Power Chan) and Chan Siu-fung/ Sai Gai (Raymond Cho)  have been working in the Forbidden City for most of their lives, serving the royal family. At the end of the Qing Dynasty, eunuchs were forced to leave the palace grounds. The story revolves around these three eunuchs trying to survive outside the palace. They soon meet Chiu Jun-sing (Edwin Siu), who claims he is a eunuch, although he is pretending to be one. The four of them become close friends and eventually are forced to stop by at Tianjin, where they meet the rich and influential Kam family who pwn a large rice business. As Kam Heung (Nancy Wu), the head of the Kam family saves Siu-fung's life, she expects repayment from Suk-gung, Dan Tin, and Jun-sing and they become the family's servants. They find out that the Kam family is large and complicated. Soon, they become more and more intertwined with the family becoming lovers with some of women in the family/village. Although, they initially wanted to leave the Kam ka village when they found enough money, they have grown close to the family and wants to stay. Together, they experience a series of many interesting events with the Kam family as they discover a lot more about each other and the secrets in the village. Is it possible for Suk-gung, Dan tin, Sai Gai, and Jun-sing to find a place where they truly belong despite their identities as eunuchs?

This is a picture of the relationships that characters have in the drama, but trust us, it is way more complicated than what this chart depicts! BTW, we really liked the names of the three sisters, they were very funny although a bit out there haha.

Retrieved from:

Our thoughts and opinions:

First things first... what is with the name? Oh myyy... Short End of the STICK? Is this implying something or are we just misreading this. What stick? From the Kam family? Or from the eunuchs? Horrible name... If they're talking about the meaning of the saying, then that makes NO SENSE. The meaning is that the short end is the bad part/deal of a bargain, meaning you got less out of the bargain. We guess that they mean they mean the eunuchs got some misfortunes and weren't treated fairly or something but still... What bargain happened in this drama and everybody fared well in the end so what???

Getting to it now, we thought this was a really lighthearted and sweet drama - for the most part, that is. At the beginning, it was mostly just some silly jokes to give the audience a good laugh during the Lunar New Year. It's very different from The Confidant, a TVB drama in 2012 also about eunuchs from which this is a spin-off for. We remember The Confidant being very serious and intense and this is really the opposite of that. While SEOTS does base its story off the eunuchs, it kinda just stops there. It's not really about eunuchs for the most part, like the characters are but that's in the past and this is just about the family and MANY crazy happenings.


First off, we really want to take this chance to say that the scenery which this drama took place in, was really beautiful. We understand that many scenes were taken in Kaiping, China at the Zili village. This gave a fresher setting than the usual TVB sets which appear in almost every drama. We also would like to applaud the cast for their efforts in filming the drama as we heard that it was super hot outside and they still had to wear layers of thick and long sleeved clothing. The poor little boy had red cheeks all the time and we were scared he might've had some heat stroke! Good thing he left around half way through the series. Wayne Lai tanned a lot and you could tell, so much professionalism coming from all the actors this time! The Kam village was beautiful and the endless fields of green just make us want to go there for a summer vacation as the grass here is still brown for the both of us. Of course, some scenes were still shot on the usual TVB pre-modern streets but that didn't really affect anything since we're used to it.


We found the plot to be okay and super long, but we thought it was mostly just a Kam family drama about family issues. It should really be called "金香家事" or something like that lol with reference to 東坡家事 (an earlier TVB drama). However, as things progressed, the drama sort of lost its comedic element and was less funny. At the beginning, it was mostly happy in the village, but later it turned kind of dark, especially after the execution of Jun-sing. We thought that the drama might have been even better if it was shorter because this was 35 episodes and it kind of dragged on near the end. Actually Maybe 30 episodes would have been better or for an even tighter storyline, 25 is enough? We are actually kind of surprised that we made it through watching the whole drama this time lol. The plot twists at the end were... absurd to say the least. Why did the family enemy Tsui Dai Fu just randomly become the leader of the Qing Revolution group? Why did Natalie have to be the symbol of the group? It seemed very unnecessary and dumb actually. She was so frail already... why make her the symbol lol. Why did Rachel Kan's character turn SO EVIL to harm her own family even though she wouldn't hurt a fly in the first 10 episodes? We have A LOT of issues with the plot twists but that aside, it was a funny and well-rounded, classic TVB drama.

Our favourite scenes: All the brotherhood scenes between the 4 male leads, in particular, their talks about going to Hainan when they were little servants in the beginning of the drama and how they were plotting to run away after getting a good amount of money. The scenes where we got introduced to the Kam family were also great and we would say the beginning of the drama was the best part. Also the part when they were devising a plan to kill Ram Chiang though it turned out to be a joke. This was before stuff got crazy and the scriptwriters put in anything crazy they could think of.

Retrieved from:


This drama had some pretty great actors and actresses and pretty much everyone played their part well. We kind of hoped that John Chiang would have a greater part in the drama but his role did not turn out to be too interesting and his character did not have too much depth in it which was a little disappointing. With that said, he did give an amazing performance as the fidgety and ill-confident Kam Cheung. He was a missed veteran actor when he left for HKTV and this role was vastly different that his last role we saw him in (Wong Fei-Hung in Grace Under Fire). Not too much to say about Wayne Lai and his acting, guess he was alright. Lives up to his TV King status. He did well, better in this than The Confidant. Actually, in our opinion, Wayne Lai did not deserve to win Best Actor that year, that was not his best performance but compared to the other contenders... he was the better one? Whatever, it's over now.

Raymond Cho and Rosina Lam's acting was pretty outstanding and they made convincing characters as the girlish eunuch for Raymond and the tom boy for Rosina. People are saying that Raymond deserves BSA this year with this performance and that is rightly stated in our opinion. Rosina has come a long way since her debut at TVB and she deserves to be promoted more! As for Nancy, the newly crowned BA, she fared well. Nothing spectacular. She just delivered her role well. We're also glad that Edwin got a larger part because at the beginning, he didn't seem to be doing too much stuff and we felt that he was just kind of there. But after seeing him as a warlord and everything, his character got more interesting. There are TOO many people in the cast to name, but all of them delivered an amazing performance. Nobody dragged the series down and acting was not an issue this time around!

Our favourites were: Raymond Cho, Rosina Lam, and Harriet Yeung as they were all convincing in unconventional roles breaking away from the normal gender roles. Also a shout out to Yoyo Chen and the young boy for playing the other side of the family. Yoyo was great as the rowdy wife and the kid was lots of fun!

Would we rewatch this? Probably not... we don't have time to go through another 35 eps of this. Not to mention that TVB's scriptwriting has just been super sloppy lately... We would rather watch old stuff.

Would we recommend this? Again... only if you've got time to spare and would like to see family issues turned DISASTROUS. The plus is good acting and nice scenery, but that's about it.

With that said, we are really hoping for TVB to amp up their game for scriptwriting! Lately, it's just been absolutely unreasonable. We know this is only for entertainment but still, BASIC COMMON SENSE seems not to apply to these writers. Captain of Destiny was really bad script wise. Angel in the Making, OMG, WHAT HAPPENED IN THE LAST 3-5 EPS! Same with this one. Speed of Life was just boring and would've been a 5/10 without Ben Yuen and Natalie Tong who give it a 6.5/10. K9 cop was still again... kinda lacklustre besides Bosco Wong and 6 Wing (I know you're surprised at 6 Wing's acting chops). This sounds like a year in review so far LOL. POINT IS, scripts need to be improved!

This time, our rating is 7.5/10. We are a bit more harsh on this one compared to Angel in the Making because we expected more from it. Thumbs up for the set and acting again, and thumbs down for storyline.

That's all for this round! Let us know what you thought of this drama :)


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Artists-- Pairings We Would Like to See- Round 2!

Can't believe it's already been a year since we first posted Artists-- Pairings We Would Like to See!
This is going to be round 2! After some feedback, we are going to include pairings that are for brotherhood, sisterhood, or romance. We hope you guys enjoy this and please let us know what your thoughts are as well! :)

Also, these pairings might have already been tried before, but it's just that we haven't see them and the pictures are just for entertainment purposes and don't be too critical about them haha.

Starting off with the Brotherhood category!!

1. Kenneth Ma and Tony Hung

Now we know this pairing might throw some people off because acting-wise, they aren't the best choices. Looks wise they're just alright, but personality wise, we think they match. They are both a little mischievous and outspoken. We want to see them in a modern drama being outdoors and playing soccer or something haha. The two of them will definitely create lots of laughs. And just to keep it consistent with last time, we're gonna include their ages respectively as well!

Age: 42 and 32 (Didn't know they had a 10 year age difference... but they still look compatible)

from and

2. Ruco Chan and Sammy Sum

This is a fresh pairing that we would like to see happen sometime soon in TVB. We are thinking more of a modern, thriller drama for the two. No more long lost brothers or anything cliche like that though, maybe something about two young gangsters who are building their way up in two different gangs who are fighting with each other. As they rise up in ranks, they realize that they both have the same mindset and begin to cooperate while still keeping a watchful eye over the other gang since there can be no absolute trust. Something along the lines of that would be fantastic!

Age: 39 and 32


3. Raymond Wong and Chris Lai

This may sound like a super random pairing that we just came up with but we think they're very compatible and versatile actors. They are both primarily second-line actors but we think it's time to give the two more opportunities and what better way than to have the two share leading roles in a new drama. Chris Lai has worked on the set of Come Home Love for many years and it is time for him to play different roles and gain more popularity with the audience. As for Raymond Wong, he was a pleasure to watch in K9 Cops partnering with Bosco Wong, and we are sure that he will create just as many sparks with Chris Lai.

Age: 40 and 35

Sister pairings!

1. Kristal Tin and Rosina Lam

The reason why we chose these two to pair up is because they are both strong actresses that can delivery a wide range of characters. Rosina is still new compared to Kristal, but her acting in MLOR and SEOTS has had us convinced that she is deserving of a leading role. They can both be very comedic but we're looking for some scheming from the two this time. This is not going to be a pair with a good relationship! So far we've thought of Kristal as a strong woman who's trained as a cadet or something and she comes back to Hong Kong to take over her late father's business. She runs her company like an army and Rosina is under her, working long hours for no recognition. Rosina comes from a wealthy family, however, her old defensive and blunt personality caused her to be disowned. In the company, she is an introverted worker, however she is filled with negative thoughts and plans to knock out every soldier Kristal has in place. Well, we know of course, this will never happen! But just hoping for something along the lines of this!! Another version of this could be in an ancient drama as well!

Age: 38 and 28 (Again a 10 year age difference starting the category off)

from and

2. Natalie Tong and Eliza Sam

These two beautiful actresses need to be promoted fast by TVB in order to churn out a new line of fadans. Of course, TVB has Grace Chan, Ali Lee, and Sisley Choi dubbed as the new generation but in our opinion, TVB needs more leading actresses to guarantee a variety of audiences. Natalie has been with TVB for a long time and we think she's got the capability to lead a series. Eliza is a fan favourite and has never realm had any negative news. TVB should definitely promote her and what better way than to put the two actresses together. In our memory, the only ancient dramas Eliza has done are Lady Sour and Under the Veil (we skipped both). Another ancient one for the two would be good since they would look beautiful in the costumes and also because they don't have much opportunities in ancient dramas. We know that Natalie has a few under her belt but they aren't really memorable in our point of view.

Age: 34 and 31


3. Alice Chan and Nancy Wu

This pairing would be a marvel to watch. Last time, when Nancy collaborated with Kristal, they won a double Best Actress in Malaysia! And from Alice Chan's acting ability, its only a matter of luck and time before she gets the Best Actress award. If you've been reading our posts, then you know that we loved Alice Chan in LOS. Ever since her debut at TVB, we've had our eye out for her. Too bad she's always given the same roles in serious dramas. This time around, we're looking for something comedic, along the lines of Frances Mo (Mo Siu Wai) played by Carol Cheng in of the Genders. A warm, light-hearted office comedy would be great for them! Nancy has already shown how natural she is in comedy and this time, we would love her to be a nerdy OL (if the two even go together).

Age: 42 and 34

Romantic couples:

Many things have changed at TVB since our first post. Some of the couples did actually happen but most of them didn't... And who knows if they ever will! Especially after Myolie's, Linda's, and Tavia's marriages. Congrats to them! But let's take a look at what happened with our pairs last year.

Success: Roger and Tavia in The Last Imperial Physician!! Airing as we speak actually! Yay!!


... And that's it. LOL. So of course, Kate left so that couldn't happen. Ron also left, no pair for him. Myolie and Linda got married so no filming much for them. And Edwin did work with Nancy but... Again not romantically. Joey is with Roger again.. We really wanted to see her with Moses. Well. We'll just wait another year and see how it goes. Without further ado, these are our pairings this year. Just 3 to keep the list low so TVB might actually have some of them happen soon.

1. Benjamin Yuen and Ali Lee

Now we know Ali is making it big partnering with Gallen Lo right now. But she needs a younger guy in our opinion and on the other hand, Ben needs more opportunities. He's a good actor but really needs more opportunities to take on new roles and add to his acting. He's one of those potential leading actors in our minds. He was really wooden in The Fixer pertaining to his character but still, he could've done better. Speed of Life was great for him but now in Over Run Over, he's still kinda wooden. Ali is rising fast and it seems dumb to have her with someone below her. But what if they make it big as TVB'S new generation couple. Like how Linda and Raymond were back then. We can already imagine them romantically linked and hope to see a warm romance from TVB.

Age: 34 and 33



2. Vincent Wong and Mandy Wong

Another new couple based on the new line of leading actors here! Although the two have worked on Tiger Cubs I and II together, they were never a pair and, of course Tiger Cubs II only featured flashbacks of Vincent Wong. We think these two would make for a great comedy, especially in ancient times! If Vincent Wong reworks his character in With or Without You and Mandy tweaks her role from Captain of Destiny for an even more polished performance, they would hilarious. If not, we would really like to see something from the 60's or 70's like A Chip off the Old Block or Always and Ever, both starring Mandy herself. TVB hasn't produced much of those and it's always great to see different time periods. As they are both getting more leading roles, we hope this pair will really happen soon!

Age: 32 and 33


3. Mat Yeung and Jacqueline Wong

We are concentrating on the younger generation of TVB actors for the romantic category because we really want to see TVB have a new line ahaha. Mat has been with TVB for a looong time and he deserved to be promoted ASAP! His role in MLOR was very memorable and if not for the scriptwriter's sudden change in character, it would have been 10/10. He has gained a lot of experience through the past decade and deserved way more. Jacqueline on the other hand needs more experience and she always seems to play the annoying sister roles and such. We want to see her try something new as a career minded woman or something like that. She is popular with netizens and should make it big with Mat Yeung! TVB is no longer a place for 40-50 year olds, they are retiring and many actresses are getting married and slowing down their workload. It is time to promote these new people!

Age: 35 and 27


1. Kenny Wong and Mimi Chu

This absolutely ridiculous pair can be for family or for romance ;) We decided on these two because they are polar opposites it seems! Kenny is serious and nonchalant while Mimi is comedic and outspoken. We once joked about Kenny being in a comedy in our The Executioner Thoughts and Opinions (linked)! It would be super fun! If they were family, it would be awesome and very entertaining! It would be absolutely hilarious if they were linked romantically ahaha! We would really like to see this happen! Lots of exclamation marks here as we're super excited about this hahaha.

Age: 52 and 61

2. Pierre Ngo, 6 Wing, and Eric Li

We would love to see these three actors together! Of course Pierre is the more well-known actor of the bunch with his win as Most Improved Actor back in 2009. But since then, there hasn't been much buzz about him which we are not too happy with... he definitely needs to be promoted! 6 Wing... or... what else should we call him? Ohh looks like his real name is Luk Wing-Kuen (new fun fact) and he's got two daughters too!! Enough of his personal info haha. He is a very funny guy and really surprised us as the antagonist in K9 Cops! He was chilling and his character is one to be remembered and he needs more roles haha. Now, Eric Li has been with TVB for.. forever. And it really sucks how he's not promoted! He's a great looking guy with acting chops and all he's missing is more publicity and bigger roles. He's got a heavier role in Dinner @ Eight, but other than that... TVB should promote him! All in all, we want the three of them together being PROMOTED (ok 6 wing has his hip hop gig with C Kwan but still... might as well add C Kwan to the list!) This is crazy but I think it'd be interesting to have a triple male lead as a rookie/(almost turning veteran) drama.

Age: 39, 33, and 39 (side comment... wow... Pierre and Eric NEED TO BE PROMOTED FAST)

3. Vivien Yeo, Jess Sum, and Yoyo Chen

Last trio! Again, same with the one above. These actresses need to be PROMOTED! They've all been with TVB for a WHILE and they're beautiful girls that deserve more roles! Jess was great in Lord of Shanghai and she's slowly getting more recognition. So is Vivien after her role in Ghost of Relativity and Fashion War. Yoyo hasn't had much roles lately but we thought that she was excellent in Short End of the Stick. She used to have more roles but we think that TVB might've stopped her work because she did have some negative rumours and now she has a daughter too. Anyways, they are all deserving of more opportunities! If the trio down here paired with the trio up there... we would be thrilled to say the very least! 

Age: 31, 31, and 34 (Vivien and Yoyo were in Sunshine Heartbeat (a rookie drama back in 2004) but nothing big has happened since then for them)

Well, that's all for this round! Hope you enjoyed reading the small pictures we included! Again, don't take them too seriously as they are just for laughs. Please let us know who you would like to see and if you agree or disagree with any of our pairings! Stay tuned and share our blog as always! 


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One Year Anniversary!!!

Hey everyone!!


We really didn't think we would last this long with our usual work motivation and especially with our hiatus in the summer of 2015. It's really hard to balance time to write up posts that have detail and meaning. We always strive to write something entertaining and lately we've just been swamped with other work on our hands. Reviews of dramas take a long time to write as well but we will try to churn out some more! Also we're gonna try to do more special posts, like the continuation of Artist Pairings, All Time Fav Dramas, Fashion Faceoff, Identical Celebs and more!

Last year we begun our blogging journey with 28 posts! We will definitely try to break that this year and if you've got any suggestions, please don't hesitate to comment!

Thank you so much for following our blog this year and we hope you continue to do so and many more posts are coming your way! Don't forget to share our blog with your friends and family as well! Tomorrow, we've got a special post for you so stay tuned! And coming up, we've got a fresh drama review! Please continue to stay connected with our blog :)

Many thanks and much love!


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Filmart 2016 - A Look at TVB's Upcoming Dramas


We are back with our thoughts and opinions on TVB's promotional clips of their dramas at Filmart 2016.

This is just in random order and first up is Brother's Keeper 2:

As we've both seen Brother's Keeper, we already have some expectation for it to be better than the first since a need for a sequel means there's room for development and continuation. We both believe that TVB's sequels have never really been a success. They tend to continue on some dumb love triangle/square (and sometimes even pentagons)... Off the top of our head we can think of The Hippocratic Crush 2, Ghetto Justice 2, Triumph in the Skies 2. They all have some new characters messing up the flow of things which is entirely unnecessary.

Anyways! We really want this to succeed and most of all, we want Grace to succeed since TVB is giving her a lot of opportunities and by her character description of being some open and adventurous girl, we have our doubts. Please do not turn into Wong Tai-Mui #2 from Captain of Destiny! Crossing our fingers Edwin can lead this well alongside Kristal Tin. No doubt Louis Yuen and Jade Leung will deliver their characters well. The filming in Okinawa looks refreshing as well but there seems to be a heavy focus on Grace and Edwin's storyline there. We'll see how it goes though!

Anticipation level: around a 6.5/10

Up next is Law dis Order:

When the both of us first saw this poster, we felt the design didn't work very well. With Liu Kai Chi smirking at the audience but Alex Fong looking bland and away from the audience. The bottom part is hard to see as well. The two male leads are repeated and you can barely make out Alex Fong's face at the bottom. That aside, we're pretty excited to see this drama for Liu Kai Chi, Mandy Wong, Ali Lee and Raymond Cho. We saw Liu Kai Chi in the HKTV drama, The Borderline and found him to be one of the sole reasons we kept watching. The plot was not good and the supporting actors were not good at all. But that's another story, we are just excited for his return to TVB! Last time Mandy Wong's character in The Fixer was just alright for us as there seemed to be nothing for her to do besides being rebellious. This time, we believe she will shine and we are fully anticipating a solid performance from her. For us, Alex Fong has always been rather bland and nothing really comes to mind about him other than being a mediocre veteran actor.

Around the TVB world, the real female lead of this drama has been debated and from the list, Mandy Wong goes before Ali Lee but honestly, this doesn't matter to us as long as they both do well. As we're skipping Fashion War, this is really the only drama we will watch with Ali Lee in it so hopefully she impresses. We hope the cases will be intriguing and require more thinking and logic so we are more involved with it when watching.

Anticipation level: 8/10

The next one is Two Steps from Heaven (but also two steps from hell if you fall backwards in the business world):

The favouritism with TVB is evident here with Sandy pulling the strings and Priscilla having taken up half the poster... We would've liked it if the other female cast was included like Alice Chan or even Gloria Tang.

This is a highly anticipated drama for both of us as Bosco rarely films with TVB these days and he's really one of the best actors of the old Siu Sang bunch with Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Kenneth Ma, Sammul Chan. Louis Cheung has definitely proved himself in Momentary Lapse of Reason (one of our favourite dramas from 2015). He is very versatile and this role actually reminds us of Marco from Black Heart White Soul back in 2014. We can tell from the clip that he's gonna be great. Edwin Siu on the other hand we consider to be sub-par to the other two in acting. We keep seeing him in revenge plots and looks like this will be the same... After so many revenge archetypes, we want to see more subtle details in his acting. Little gestures and small character notes that make it even more real. Now, we can only see the outer, aggressive layer of his acting and hope for something refreshing from him.

On the female side, Alice Chan is who we're looking out for! She marvelled us in Lord of Shanghai and why is her name not even on the list at the bottom? She really deserves recognition, ahead of Gloria Tang at least! Priscilla has improved tremendously from her quivering voice days in Reality Check and Karma Rider. But will she be able to convince us as a player behind the scenes? She's great for soft dramas like Swipe Tap Love and hopefully she does well in here. No comment on Gloria Tang, hope she's improved by now since The Ultimate Addiction which was horrible!

Anticipation level: 8.5/10

Featured again is Blue Veins:

It's been a while since this was filmed and we've also been anticipating this drama since it's something really different from TVB. It's also filmed in the Netherlands which we hope will turn out beautiful on screen! The poster is not much different from it's feature in the TVB calendar besides the fact that they completely took out Joel Chan... even from the list LOL. Replacing it with 6 Wing of FAMA instead hahaha!!! Oh well!

Kevin, like Bosco doesn't film much with TVB and last time Eye in the Sky wasn't as good as it was hyped up to be so we're hoping this is great. Lots of hoping for TVB this post!! :) Again, he's a great actor but we'll see how this new role plays out for him and Cee is all about the subtle things so she'll be super happy if he nails this role! In Eye of the Sky, he really put effort into his role but it was too forced and seemed awkward whenever he would try to pull off a Sherlock haha.

Neither of us has ever seen Kay Tse act besides like MV's and of course she's got the looks and her frail body frame really suits her role of a vampire. Excited to see her debut! Again with Grace Chan, please bring us something new this time and redeem yourself from COD. As far as we can tell, the production of this drama looks good and we just want to be happy with the actual drama once it comes out!

Anticipation level: 8/10

This next one is coming out in just a week or two, Over Run Over:

First things first, Vincent Wong looks like he was on drugs and because we don't know much about his character yet, we're just going to assume his character is... not a cop. LOL. At first, this was seen as a way of giving Tracy Chu a leading role but now that we know a bit about the plotline, it seems a lot like Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise. We're sure this idea has been revisited a lot of times and if TVB's scriptwriters are gonna take the idea, it better be a good rendition. (Seems like we have high hopes for a lot of these dramas, better lower the standards so we actually get surprised).

Mainly we're interested in seeing a different side of Tracy Chu than just the immature younger sister and also more from Moon Lau who we both like from Raising the Bar and Angel in the Making. Ben Yuen proved to be a versatile actor with his role in Speed of Life! But too bad he's in the same field all the time being a cop. As for Vincent Wong, for some reason he gets injured a lot and he's slapped a lot on sets, but acting wise, he needs more opportunities alongside better veterans than PAL SINN. Is Pal even a veteran? We find Pal to just be a jokester and it's hard to take him seriously and his acting is just mediocre. Vincent and Edwin are kinda the same with being exaggerated. Maybe Pal will surprise us!

And side note.. who is that girl on the side below Rebecca Zhu? Is that even Rebecca since her name is not on the list.

Anticipation level: 7.5/10

The sixth drama on the list is Dead Wrong:

Originally named Fatal Resurrection, this drama is about how people dig their way back up after being in the lowest parts of their life. This drama's subject is something we've never seen before with TVB. Roger Kwok lost weight and everything to film this drama, showing his professionalism. He's a true treasure at TVB and there's no doubt this is going to be a great role for him to shine in.

The female lead Joey Meng is a mediocre actress in our opinion. Of course she's got her own background having a damaged vocal box from her childhood so nowadays, we would say it's limiting to her acting range. We tend to like her in strong roles and not naggy, cute roles like the one in Officer Geomancer. This drama will test her capability with the complicated plot line and partnering with Roger Kwok once again.

Kenny Wong's role really interests us since he's been a bland actor as well. Never seen him in comedies.. and don't think we ever will haha. But back to this role of being a handicapped person is really captivating. We are excited to see him break away from his wooden characters. Vincent Wong recently sustained an injury filming this drama and he's shocked quite a few with his pictures he's posted. Hopefully his condition gets better and he can deliver something great to us in Dead Wrong. This looks like a thriller that will really touch the audience's heart through fear and through the hardships that the characters will go through.

Anticipation level: 8.5/10

Another sequel with Kristal Tin is My Love From the Planet Meow:

The character pictures are still the same and this is very preliminary work as they just started filming again. We don't know much about this drama yet besides it being a spin-off of Ghost of Relativity. So again, we don't want this to flop and we're looking for something light-hearted after so many intense thrillers up above. Last year, this was critically praised as Nancy Wu and Kristal Tin's best roles to date. Of course we did enjoy their comedy and Kristal's first attempt was indeed amazing.

In our opinion, Moses has been rather inconsistent lately. All his roles last year were very mediocre and his delivery did not help at all. He's definitely slowed down since he's got two kids now. It's not like his old days in Heart of Greed when he was still determined and filled with a passion for his roles. We hope he rediscovers his hard-working dedication to acting and acts well along side two recent TV Queens. Looks like Eddie Kwan and Mimi Chu are back in the game providing great comic relief as well! We are ready for a good laugh.

Anticipation level: 7.5/10

A second drama with Nancy Wu is House of Spirits:

When we first heard of this drama last year we wanted some actual horror from TVB but we know they can't broadcast something like that so it's more of a comedy. This is a funny poster especially with Bobby having a chain of garlic around his neck haha. As a comedy, we're looking forward to this and TVB scriptwriters have great jokes! The addition of the three veterans pictured here is great as well. We really believe that they are the reason why TVB is still able to produce some great dramas. They not only mentor the young actors, but also always bring in a fantastic performance. 

Other than that there's not much for us to say about this drama. 

Anticipation level: 7/10

Up next is the new sitcom! Dinner at Eight (Come Home Love 3)...

We are both a little confused at the choice of continuing the Come Home Love name. It really needs to be gone in our opinion because they should start something fresh. Back then when they decided to end the first CHL, they should've stopped it completely so the audience would still have a good memory of CHL. In our thoughts and opinions for CHL 2, we've mentioned that although the storyline has changed... nobody was returning home lol. This time, with a complete change in cast and plot, it should just be Dinner at 8.

Cast wise, this is excellent. Teresa Mo has always been great and it would be awesome if she came back to film an actual drama too. Nonetheless excited for her return. Wayne Lai obviously has the acting chops and won't disappoint in this new role! On the other hand, Power Chan who had previously ended his career at TVB is back as a titular supporting character. We are so glad he's back because he's a great, versatile actor having trained at the HKAPA. Angela Tong is always a great face to see on screen, she's fun and bubbly and great for this new sitcom. Not much to say on Florence Kwok but we're glad Eric Lee is getting bigger roles. He used to always be the evil guy and hopefully he'll get some more recognition with this role. All in all, we are looking forward to their performances... if we do end up picking up the sitcom and putting it back into our drama schedule.

Anticipation level: 7/10

Filmed a while ago is Presumed Accidents:

They've redone the poster from it's feature in the TVB calendar as well with Blue Veins. This drama looks promising to say the very least. It's gonna be something new to see Sisley Choi as a lead and we hope she doesn't disappoint. We've been hearing of her improvement in Fashion War and as we skipped it, we're hoping to see her shine in this one. Selena Li has always been an underused talent in our opinion. Hopefully she'll get to take part in more bigger productions if this role shows that she is capable of leading well. For us, the storyline of insurance and taking care of accidents seems minor, but we know in real life, it can be a big deal. This is drama is really going to test the scriptwriters ability to convey the real emotions behind an accident through dialogue and a good storyline.

On the male side, we have Lawrence Ng as the main lead and Chris Lai as the second lead. We've only seen Lawrence in THC2 and he was alright. Nothing special but fit for the small screen acting wise. We're sure he will have no problem leading this drama. This is Chris Lai's big break after the long running CHL and we're excited to see him in a different role after all these years as Ma Jong. Again, we think he's an underused talent and TVB should give him more opportunities and even promote him to become a future leading actor.

Anticipation level: 7.5/10

The second last one is Ne Zha and Yang Jian:

Very honestly, we've never been a fan of these mainland cooperations and find that they're always missing something. When half the cast is dubbed, it's really hard to concentrate and keep watching the show. It's not quite like a TVB drama which we find comfortable and interesting yet it's not like a true mainland drama. We actually didn't even hear about this drama at all until it was unveiled at the TVB Sales Presentation last year. Not much news was on it for filming or anything.

With Wong Cho Lam as the main lead, we're a little skeptical. He's great for shows and being an emcee but in dramas, we find it hard to connect with his characters. He's very exaggerated a lot of the time and we just hope to see something different from him, granted we don't end up skipping this. With the news of Linda Chung's shotgun marriage and even a pregnancy, people have speculated that she might slow down her work. We hope she delivered well in this drama if she really does end up filming less. She's the last of the original fadans of TVB and hopefully she can leave with a Best Actress award in her hands. In all honesty though, we will probably skip this one just because we don't like dramas that are a mix between TVB and mainland China.

Anticipation level: 6.5/10

Last but not least is A Fist Within Four Walls:

This is one of our most anticipated dramas and we are super excited to see it and hopefully it airs this year! What attracts us about this drama is of course the cast and if you've been reading our posts, you would know that Cee loves pre-modern dramas. The storyline is also going to be an exciting one as it takes place in the walled city infamously known for it's crime and even the cops had no power over what went on in there. With Ruco Chan as the male lead, this drama is in good hands. He gave his best performance to date in Captain of Destiny and we are sure he put in a lot of effort in filming this drama. We hope we gets another shot at Best Actor this year with this role! The newly crowned Best Actress leading by his side only strengthens this drama. Nancy Wu has gotten super fit for this role and worked out a lot to be able to do some of the fight scenes herself. We just find the full leather costume a little misplaced for the pre-modern era. The supporting cast with Benjamin Yuen and Moon Lau is great. We really look forward to seeing Ben playing a well-groomed scholar when one would expect him to be a fighter being a winner of Mr. Hong Kong. We have no comment on Phillip Ng as we've never seen him but hopefully he doesn't disappoint.

All in all, this looks like a great, action-packed drama! If anything goes wrong... which we hope doesn't happen.. it's probably going to be a problem with the storyline. More often than not, that seems to be the problem with TVB these days :( . This does look promising though, but maybe we should keep our standards a bit lower haha.

Anticipation level: 9/10

Anyways, we hope everyone enjoyed this post on our thoughts on the upcoming dramas from TVB! Please share with us which ones you're excited for and which ones you're doubting will even make it to your eyes haha. Thanks for reading as always! Also, our pictures came from Just TVB Artist which can be found here