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Joey Yung 容祖儿《月半小夜曲》- I am a Singer 4

Hello everyone!

We're putting our thoughts and opinions on Joey Yung's first performance for the mainland China show, I am a Singer 4. We haven't followed or watched really any of it! But came across this video on YouTube while listening to some other old Cantopop for a switch from the mediocre modern day Cantopop.

This song is originally sung by Hacken Lee in 1987 and is considered one of his greatest hits and rightly so. The melody is beautifully written, by Japanese singer/songwriter 河合奈保子. We're not sure of the english name so sorry about that! In Hacken's original version, its more upbeat than Joey's performance. We'll link both of them below! It's really no good to compare but we just wanted to base this off of something. Back to Hacken's song, we both grew up listening to old "Golden Era" Cantopop because our parents always played it and when we were younger, they were just songs. Now that we understand Chinese more and want to listen to more Chinese songs, we automatically go to these songs because they really are the best you can get. 

So this is his original way back when! The emotion and the perfect enunciation of the lyrics are really what captures us. The lyrics are just another story altogether. Like Hacken's other great hit, 大會堂演奏廳, the moment you close your eyes, you can picture the setting. A masterpiece!

This is Joey's version! Now, we both have known her for a super long time but we just never really listened to her songs. Of course, we know her song My Pride and stuff like that but to us, she's just this singer that's been around for a while. That is until we heard this. 

Cee: I first listened to this after hearing Hacken's version and the first time through, I was amazed. Her live performance is flawless. There are many many HK singers these days who suffer from being off beat, off tune, and also wrong breathing techniques. It's one of my pet peeves when I can constantly hear a singer breathing like they're having an asthma attack, and I didn't notice it once in Joey's performance. 

The arrangement of this song allows for more suspense as seen on many of the audience's faces. The sheer hope in her to succeed from everyone shows that this is a difficult song to master. I know a while back GEM went on this show but personally, I don't really like her style since it's mostly about her loud and wide range. Just personal preference, but I prefer Joey since her voice is more soothing to the ear. And I think that's the reason why Joey is still in the circle after all these years, because her voice is easy to listen to and more than anything, she is capable of delivering a great live performance. Towards the end, Joey does go loud since it's the style Mainland China has been after these past few years, the so called 爆咪 but I'm really happy she took it back down and actually isn't flat in her execution of the song. 

I am really glad I stumbled upon this and I've only gained my respect for her even more! 

And, just a little something, nothing against her but I noticed she sang the wrong lyric @ 2:52 in the video but totally understandable and it wasn't until I put up the lyrics did I know they didn't match, so this only proves she's more professional.

This is Joey's performance on I am a Singer, 我是歌手第4.

Joey Yung 容祖儿《月半小夜曲》- I am a Singer 4


仍然倚在失眠夜 望天邊星宿
仍然聽見小提琴 如泣似訴再挑逗
為何只剩一彎月 留在我的天空

人如天上的明月 是不可擁有
情如曲過只遺留 無可挽救再分別
為何只是失望 填密我的空虛

仍在說永久 想不到是藉口
我的牽掛 我的渴望 直至以後 

人如天上的明月 是不可擁有
情如曲過只遺留 無可挽救再分別
為何只是失望 填密我的空虛

仍在說永久 想不到是藉口
我的牽掛 我的渴望 直至以後 

仍在說永久 想不到是藉口

我的牽掛 我的渴望 直至以後
 我的牽掛 我的渴望 直至以後 

Hope you guys enjoy this!



Cee- I just saw this because it doesn't have as many views but uploaded on the same day and I had to add it here. This performance is just beautiful. Hacken Lee has just proved himself once again and this time with Leslie Cheung's famous 風繼續吹.The first line and I already knew this was gonna be amazing, it is a hybrid of Leslie and Hacken in a wonderful, wonderful way. Words cannot describe this! 

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Valentine's Day Post- 譚嘉儀Kayee Tam - 印記 [情人節呈獻] Review

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!! Hope that you will all have a great day to share with loved ones!
Today, we have decided to do a review of this song from Kayee Tam, which was released for Valentine's Day.

This song "印記" was released yesterday and is a new single from Kayee. We all know that Kayee has a beautiful voice but she has been doing a LOT of covers of other HK songs and she has never really had her chance to shine in a song just for her. Interestingly, this song was brought to us by Voice Entertainment however, it's not on their Youtube Channel and rather appears on Kayee's channel.

This song is pretty good and the MV is really great but we'll break it down for everyone.

Melody wise, this song has something to offer. It's hard to come up with something great these days, especially for cantopop and the obvious reason is because there's only so many notes in a scale and they can't be reused in case of copyright laws and such. The second reason is because of the intonation in Cantonese and it's very hard to use any tune and fit it with any lyric. Certain words/phrases only fit with certain notes or else they end up sounding like a different word.

For the lyrics of this song, we really admire Kayee Tam for actually writing them along with the song itself. She's shown to be in incredibly talented singer/songwriter when she entered The Voice in Hong Kong. The lyrics this time are great and super easy to understand, hopefully she gets recognized for her tremendous effort and talent!!

Now the MV for this song is really what completes it. It's not any singing in some random background like a LOT of other Voice Ent. ones. This one actually has a story, and ohh woow are Kayee and Hubert sweet in this one haha! Lots of commenters are a little disappointed it's not Jinny since they're madly shipping for the two. But in our opinion, Hubert looks great in here paired up with Kayee, and they are so much more loving provided the context of course. Jinny and Hubert in their MV's just looked kinda awkward. The only part that kinda confused us was the friend/sister and we're not too sure what that's about. But all in all, a great MV!

Hope she gets recognized and hope her popularity in HK grows!

We hope you guys enjoy this too on your Valentine's Day! <3

編: Cousin Fung 
Guitar: Nic Tsui
Bass: Chan Chung Wai
All Program Tracks: Cousin Fung

從前和你 詳談人生的哲理
這夜怎麼說起  祝福兩報喜

兒時和你 流連忘返的嬉戲
掛念那種趣味 請不要忘記

看見你已找到他  願這遍愛逐漸發芽
每碰到厭倦困局  亦不要害怕
來面對時 緊緊捉緊他

*求緣份來到  便執手可到老
或艱辛的旅途再辛勞  亦深知不會再有更好
留起 那花瓣常陪你
亦鎖緊這個愛的 印記

茫茫人裡  如何能跟他一對
這是上天注定   相擁再說聲

成為情侶 長情如他的愛侶
你沒什麼畏懼 只管愛裡沈醉 

*求緣份來到  幸褔不止到老
永不息的愛慕 旁人也深深感覺到他的好
如今 讓浪漫情內滲


Image Reference: 

- CeeJay <3

Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Voice Entertainment Album Reviews - Hubert Wu, Alfred Hui, Jinny Ng, Fred Cheng


This time we are doing something different and reviewing four albums at once! They are the four recent albums released by Voice Entertainment! This will be a long post so just a reminder haha. 

The four albums are:

1. Hubert Wu's album, 明知故犯 which came out on December 2, 2015.
2. Alfred Hui's album, Watermark, which came out on December 10, 2015.
2. Jinny Ng's album, 眼淚的秘密 which came out January 21, 2016.
3. Fred Cheng's album, 當狗愛上貓 which came out on February 2, 2016

We'll start off with Hubert Wu's  明知故犯 thoughts:

1) 明知故犯: We heard this song from Hubert before the album came out and we thought that at the beginning, it was just like any other song. However, when we listened to the original version sung by  許美靜, we appreciated Hubert's effort and thought he put more emotion in. We find Hubert is singing a lot of female songs, but we also found that his attempts usually turn out even better than the original versions. We definitely like this rendition of 明知故犯 better than the original!

2) 相信明天: This song was alright, but after it was used for The Executioner drama of TVB, it sort of lost its meaning and served only as a theme song. The mood evoked by the song is weird; it isn't really one which gives you determination as the song title suggests and is more on the sad side. But we guess that it does fit in with the drama because it wasn't a particularly cheery one.

3) 如夢初醒: In this song, Hubert has the ability to make this song have an older feel to it, like from the 90s. He has great voice, though its a little on the higher side. Especially in this song, he gets voice gets pretty high. No wonder he sings so many songs from other females! UPDATE March. 28, 2016!! We just found out this song is originally from Cass Phang... sighs. NO WONDER HIS VOICE IS HIGH... shaking our heads in disappointment now. One more song that is resung from females. 

4) 讓我放開: This is a pretty good song and once again, Hubert puts great emotion and passion into his singing and really gets listeners into the song. We've found that he is a better singer in slow, sad songs, and 讓我放開 is another example that supports this. 

5) 心淡: We've heard a few other singers try this song and since Joey Yung was the original singer of the song, there's a lot of pressure to sing this well! Hubert, fortunately, didn't disappoint. Although, he was slowed down the chorus part of the song, it was sung nicely

6) 真相: We believe we have already expressed our disliking of this song, the theme song for Eye in the Sky, on the blog before. We feel that this song shouldn't really be included in Hubert's album because he didn't really sing much of the song, it was mostly Alfred.We couldn't really hear Hubert's voice. Also, the song isn't that good and lyrics are not really thoughtfully put together. 

7) 靈魂的痛: We heard that this song would be the theme song for the upcoming TVB drama: The Last Healer in Forbidden City (末代御醫), and we were not surprised AT ALL. Most of these songs are just theme songs. Voice Entertainment singers have a good 80% of their songs being TVB theme songs. If they aren't, they might become one soon! Song wise, it's okay, and we don't have much to say about it.

8) 高攀: Another TVB theme from Rear Mirror, but it's already been a while since the drama, and Voice Entertainment probably couldn't find any other songs to put it. Pretty much all the songs these singers have sung for TVB are in their albums!

9) 無力下去: The chorus is nice for both of us but the verses seem like just a bunch of words slammed together.

10)明知道 (國語): There's always at least one mandarin version of a song in any of their albums.

Overall: We thought that this album was pretty good and there weren't any songs that were really bad. Hubert has a great, distinct voice and is capable of a range of styles. Hopefully he gets more recognition from everyone instead of focussing on Alfred. He should really have more of his own songs too. The only one which didn't really belong is 真相. We feel that the song below should be included instead even though it wasn't Voice Entertainment's.

Alfred Hui Watermark thoughts:

1) 記住忘記我: This isn't bad and is listenable.. not much to say. We skipped out on Wuxin too so we haven't heard this much.

2) 郵輪: MV of song was boring and bad like all of Voice Entertainment's, but the song itself is one of Alfred's better ones, if not the best one on the album! All we can say is that we enjoyed the piano instrumental at the beginning at the song. The official lyrics video was even better to see than the MV. But then again, most MVs of Alfred are not good.

3) 歲月無悔: The song is good but maybe if someone else sang it, it would even be better because Alfred keeps breathing and seems like he's out of air all the time. At the beginning when we heard this, we were like: THIS IS BAD! But as Lord of Shanghai kept playing this song, we eventually accepted it. Is this brainwashing at work??? Lol. Or maybe the drama was too good and it was hard not to love every other part of it, even this song!

4) 忘掉他: We haven't even heard the whole this song but from the clip of it, we were not impressed! The chorus is just repeating the same lines: "忘掉他,忘掉他,忘掉他,忘掉他". It seems like a boring song that's a wannabe rock thing.

5) 仁至義盡: This song came out a while before the album, and we have listened to it several times. The MV is Alfred's better one with some more action/story, but still not that great. The song is more touching and not just sung without any feeling. Below is the cover of "仁至義盡" by Kayee Tam and Kwan Gor and we thought that this was pretty good too, maybe even better? But it's actually a good original song.

6) 其實你很美: This song is kind of boring, and sorry to say, but it makes us sleepy. However, we appreciate the effort put into singing this and can tell that Alfred has put at least some emotion into it.

7) 迷宮:We really didn't like this song and wasn't memorable for us. The song really had no meaning and was just another mediocre theme song which was for The Fixer. There's really no sincerity to it and it's like he just sang the song to get the job done. This song kind of reminded us of "真相". MV is also bad with some fire stunts and him singing in the middle of nowhere.

8) 真相: As mentioned above, in Hubert's album, we didn't like the song and the music video is even worse. We can't even take it seriously or watch the whole thing without laughing once. It looks like it was filmed in some TVB hallway and rooftop or something and has no production value whatsoever! The guy sitting with the shades and an evil smile looks more like a joke, and is just holding the two balls in his hand. The guys with white masks and hoodies on are just hilarious. We think that are trying to look intimidating but it is not working at all! They are just standing beside Alfred and Hubert the whole time. The end of it is just too funny when the white gloves are slowly covering Alfred and Hubert's eyes. We were like what??? SPARE US FROM YOUR MVS, VOICE ENTERTAINMENT, if they are gonna be poor quality and you're just doing it for the sake of an MV.

9) 阿樂: Obviously, this song was trying to lift the mood of the album or of Alfred's recent songs. We enjoyed the mood of it but the lyrics were kind of awkward and random. like what's with :"便宜買隻鐵戒指"? But we really don't have much comment on this song otherwise.

10) 理想·生活: The song is feels plain and doesn't really have us wanting to loop it over and over again. it is just one of those "Oh." songs that we listen to and forget the tune soon. At the beginning of the song, there is a guitar playing but that eventually leaves and the end is with piano, so that part is weird.

11) 郵輪 (國語): I think for most Mandarin versions of the songs, we prefer the original Cantonese ones because these are just done because of the requirement

Overall: First things first, what's with the album title "Watermark"? What is that supposed to mean? Alfred always has weird names though, like his older album called "Colour by Numbers", "Grandit"? Like we get grandit (a conjugation of grandir (to grow) in French) but why the grand-it ending? which is only used for the pronouns he/she? We both know and have learned French and believe that Grandir would've been more fitting but it's been years so whatever lol. We thought this album had a few good and memorable songs, but the others songs were a bit of a letdown. They were either boring, unfitting or didn't have much meaning to them. Hopefully Voice Ent. ups their game for songwriting based on Alfred's album.

Jinny Ng  眼淚的秘密 thoughts:

1) 我們都受傷: Here is another example of when we didn't really enjoy the song at the beginning, but becasue of Angel In-the-Making, we got used to the song and perhaps got brainwashed LOL. 

2) 眼淚的秘密: We think that this song is good, but we don't think that it deserved so many awards that it got. It's alright... but isn't it a tad late to put on the album almost a year later??

3)愛: We feel that this is gonna be another of those Jinny songs that is gonna turn really popular, especially since it will be a song for A Time of Love 2. Also, it's already got a Mandarin translation. Speaking about the song, it reminds us slightly of 越難越愛. While we are looking forward to the sequel, PLEASE DON'T KEEP REPLAYING THIS. 

4)美好的時光: This was just a mediocre song and we don't have too much comment on it. Seriously do not know why she is so popular. We both agree that her voice isn't that special or strong. 

5)捨得分手: How does this already have a mandarin version online? or is this one just mandarin? So confused... Okayyy. Never mind. This is only mandarin and is written by her. It's rather forced because Hk people just aren't great at mandarin and it sounds kinda like canto so there's that factor. But it's a calming melody and we really like her attempt at composing and writing the lyrics. 

6)易放難收: We're getting sooo lost right now! All the songs sound the same and really have no meaning. They are nothing like the old songs where the moment the music starts, you recognize it! This song was really weird. Especially this one note, 遊. It sounds very off and her voice sounds very strained at some parts even though this has already been edited. 

7) 誘心人: Another future TVB theme for "為食神探". The only thing that we can really comment on is that it's nice to see Jinny try out this jazzy style of music. But this will be a hard one to sing live.

8) 找個離開你的理由: This one as plain as it sounds is one of the better ones in our opinion because we personally like the melody despite the fact that the arrangement of the lyrics don't go with it 100% of the time. Hopefully this stays as a solid song in out minds and doesn't turn into a theme song! Fingers crossed!

9) 和你的約定 - 國語: It's a good song but from what we've heard of it, it's very flat. The tune isn't too dynamic and again, the mandarin just gets on our bad side sometimes. Just stick to cantonese!

10)愛 - 國語: This is one of her better mandarin songs and of course it has to be better because it's gonna be super famous. Her pronunciation is probably the best in here.

11) 眼淚的秘密 - 國語: This is just another one of those mandarin renditions that aren't as good as the canto one. Obviously they're targeting the mainland audience with all these mandarin songs.

Overall: This is an alright album. It does sound more cohesive than Alfred's album but after all, Jinny isn't a great singer. Her songs are ok and with the brainwashing, it's really easy to start humming them so that's a positive? Hopefully she sounds good live with these songs too! A lot of netizens are commenting on how even if her songs are brainwashing, it's ok because they're actually ok songs. While we do agree to some extent, why do these songs have to become famous through brainwashing? If they are great songs, they will get recognized.

Fred Cheng 當狗愛上貓  thoughts:

1) 當狗愛上貓: We liked this song but then again, it wasn't much and he has better songs. To us, it doesn't have much meaning. It was pretty popular but we really don't understand how people decide they like songs nowadays. For us, its the key message and lyrics, then the melody and arrangement, and finally the execution and voice created by the singer.

2) 揚帆: This song was good and powerful. It's considered a really good theme song since the theme songs nowadays are pretty bad and meaningless. It really represents the drama Captain of Destiny, so good job Fred!

3)  忘了嗎 : If you remember, back in May, 2015, we did a review on this song. Click here if you would like to view the post! It's pretty touching and likable. 

4)  炮火:We have actually done this song's review as well, so if you want detailed thoughts and opinions of 炮火, check it out! Once again, it was a really good song, probably one of Fred's most outstanding so far. We really enjoyed it!

5)  愛同行: This is also a decent theme song. It's pretty soothing and relaxing to listen to, and it's warm, which adds to the "family" feel. It is rare to see Fred sing this type of song since he either goes for rock or slow songs, instead of these soft, happier ones.

6)  白天的夜晚: It's alright but this is a slow song and it's gonna be hard to make it up on the charts. It sounds like an old song and we feel like the topic of lost time has been touched A LOT by HK singers. He himself has got a few songs like that, Alfred's got some, C Allstar does for sure, the list goes on.

7)  創傷後遺症: Really like this song as we understand the lyrics and he really brings the emotion of the song out. If this song gets popular it's because the message is so universal and everybody will meet someone once in their lifetime where they will never be able to let go and sometimes absent-mindedly arrive at their doorstep, realizing everything is over. We commend Voice Ent. for putting this together.

8)  驚: It's definitely something new but eh. We don't really like it for some reason. PERSONAL PREFERENCE! But it's just alright.

9)  熊貓 (國語): WHY IS THIS SONG EVEN HERE??????? Shouldn't this belong in "熊貓的故事(The Story of A Panda)" album made in 2014 and if it's the Mandarin version of 熊貓?? I guess they couldn't find any Mandarin songs for Fred, so they put this one in since it wasn't in any album yet. But, wow Voice Entertainment...

Overall: This is a good album. Partially because of better songs and partially because Fred has a strong, emotional voice. However, we are finding there is no story with any of the albums from the Voice Entertainment and that is a big problem for us. We think that an album is not only a representation and compilation of one's works, but also a story that is expressed to share their emotions and experiences. So it really bugs us that we see songs like the COD theme put beside 忘了嗎. Like that is a huge gap and you have to fill it!

So all in all, this was one looong post! But hopefully you guys enjoyed seeing our thoughts on these many songs! Although there are some bad songs here and there, we still believe in HK pop and hopefully it will continue to grow. If you liked this album review, please let us know! And of course the floor is open for you to comment on anything you found when listening to these songs!

-CeeJay :)